Paolina Russo







For her namesake fashion label, Paolina Russo draws from the Y2K nostalgia of her youth to create dynamic, eye-catching collections with a focus on knitwear. I worked with the InnoSo team as the creative director and lead designer on the project, working closely with the Paolina Russo team, as well as material designer Vaughan Lewis Carman, to synthesize the visual languages of sports, gaming, and early aughts suburbia into a contemporary brand identity.

The logo harkens back to early-2000s design trends with its wickedly tapered, sweeping curves, which form a multidirectional mark that feels concurrently energetic, structured, and idealistic. Despite its abstraction, the logo can also be read as an initialism of Paolina Russo.

The Russo Variable typeface includes multiple styles for use across the brand's digital presence and physical products. The primary style ties into the high contrast of the logo, as well as its slightly rounded softness, while also fitting within typographic tropes of the fashion industry. The secondary type style is bolder, with a more athletic presence.

The tertiary type style reverses the contrast of the primary for use in vertical instances of the logotype.

Photography by Paolina Russo.

The brand's primary colors are warm black and cool white. Additional colors pull from each new collection to avoid clashing and enliven graphics across web and social.

After exploring ideas for an emblem, a suite of symbols was developed and expanded for use in upcoming collections and graphic applications that honor the brand aesthetics, while also allowing for a greater sense of play and expression.

Photography by Paolina Russo.

Photography by Paolina Russo.