Stone Deep






Stone Deep, the self-described O.G.s of the rap rock fusion genre, started in Nashville, Tennessee in 1992. I worked with lead guitarist Glen Cummings to develop a visual identity for the band that embraced their industrious attitude, as well as the industrial, working-class environment in which they got their start. According to Glen, “life was tires; washing machines; trucks, and not in a good way.”

Glen thought of the grit of the band’s early days as their “generic reality,” and wanted to isolate, recontextualize, and elevate the visual cues of said reality in order to further integrate it into the band’s visual identity.

Photography by Stone Deep.

The Stone Deep identity embraces an expansive visual sensibility, rather than a more rigid design system. A number of interchangeable logos and monograms work together to combine an industrial, machined look with that of a handpainted script. The Stone Deep monogram harkens to the well-known scripts of General Electric, Coca-Cola, and Peterbilt, while the logotype evokes milled steel and stamped plastic.

Photography by Stone Deep.

The logotype extends into a display typeface for use in promotional graphics and merch.

DIN Next Condensed by Linotype is used for subheaders and copy.

The color palette includes strong, energetic colors that are slightly faded in reference to the band’s roots.

We referenced a wide assortment of signage, ubiquitous corporate logos, and examples of vernacular, small-town design in the pursuit of type and lettering that were distinctly Stone Deep.