Gravile Studios







Gravile is a fashion brand that exists within the tension between contradictions. Natural—industrial; elegant—dynamic; flowing—structured; soft—hard. The Gravile identity straddles these extremes while staying true to the brand’s core—the essential, intimate relationship between clothing and wearer.

The Gravile logomark is the brand’s primary logo. It is used in instances where the brand is recognizable enough to not require the logotype, or is set at a small size.

The Gravile emblem can be used in graphic applications, textile prints, and hardware.

The Gravile logotype is used in instances where the brand name should be explicitly stated.

The logos are built into the Gravile Variable typeface, so their optical weights can be adjusted for legibility at all sizes and production applications.

The Gravile Variable typeface balances structure and softness, and stylistically refers to type commonly seen in the construction and fashion industries. Certain aspects of the face are softened and rounded to maintain aesthetic consistency with the Gravile logos.

The earthy tones of the natural world are brought together in a palette that captures the tension between Gravile’s elegance, vibrance, and dynamism.

The Gravile photographic style exists between editorial and street aesthetics. Full, bright lighting and dynamic poses and angles accentuate both the clothing and the wearer.

Photography by Gravile Studios.

The Gravile logos and other 3D assets can be used to expand the brand’s presence beyond the 2D plane, in both digital and physically fabricated applications.

The visual identity can be applied to current and upcoming Gravile collections.