Graphic Design

Publication Design

Typeface Design


Design and print production for Austin Peete's multimedia exhibit.

DUAL.world showcases Austin's experience with Black masculinity through the lenses of travel, friendship, and music, and the subsequent documentation of these experiences.

Three collaborative mixtapes were released in cassette form, as well as played during the exhibit's run. Each tape focuses on a certain location in Austin's journey, from Atlanta, to Japan, and back. The cassette stickers and J-cards were designed to represent the musicians' transition through time and place, and to evoke an archival collection of experiences.

The DUAL.world zine was another facet of the exhibit experience. It includes writings and photography from Austin Peete and material from Mel Isidor, Xourt, and Omar Onfroy.

Photograph by Austin Peete.

Exhibit posters included lyrics from the Dual.WORLD mixtapes.

Social media promo for the exhibit with photographs by Austin Peete.