BlackSpace is an NYC-based non-profit that builds community through the crafting of Black spaces. As the creative director and lead designer on the project, I worked closely with Austin Peete of InnoSo, Mel Isidor, and Emma Osore of BlackSpace to develop social media assets for four social media campaigns, as well as a templatized asset pack for BlackSpace's use in future social media applications.

A collage approach was used across the campaigns as a way to communicate vibrance and community connection.

BlackSpace's collection of icons, which represent the core ideals of their manifesto, were utilized in the Juneteenth campaign alongside the Bayard typeface by Tré Seals.

BlackSpace community members in Atlanta, Chicago, Oklahoma, and Indianapolis were surveyed about their local projects for a series of biweekly posts.

Community members were also surveyed about their ongoing, longterm projects.