Daryl Homer






Three-time Olympic medalist Daryl Homer has been fencing since age 11. His life has been defined by the sport, as well as the community surrounding it. Homer needed a visual identity that holistically encapsulated his longstanding relationship to fencing, and his desire to grow his brand beyond himself as an indivial athlete.

Photography by Daryl Homer.

The Daryl Homer brand encompasses the historical and the forward-thinking; the intimate and the far-reaching. The DH monogram typographically refers to European calligraphy associated with the development of fencing as a sport, while the fluid motion of the strokes evokes the movement of fencers and their sabers flicking through the air. The monogram is energetic yet balanced, and acts as an abstraction of the competitors, as well as their saber hilts, locked in sync.

The monogram feels rooted in the strength of the past, while the Suisse typeface by Swiss Typefaces speaks to the present, as well as the future with its stark, geometric structure.

Photography by Daryl Homer.

The evocative type and limited color palette have wide-ranging applications for the brand, and contribute to Homer’s reputation as a fixture of the U.S. fencing community.