Butta Living






Butta Living is a media company with a community focus. They bring awareness to the food insecurity faced by many individuals, food banks, and restaurants nationwide. Their platform empowers and provides for those struggling with food via affordable recipes, accessible meals at pop-up events, video content, blogs, restaurant highlights, and the sale of sustainable ceramics and cutlery.

Butta Living’s visual identity is driven by the desire to return to the basics of community care. The fundamentals of cooking, simple ingredients, and mutual aid inform the brand's typography, colors, and imagery.

The abstracted initialism of the logomark is inspired by the basic structures of ingredients like garlic cloves and pads of butter. The forms are balanced and stable without being mirrored, in order to convey a sense of naturalism and diversity.

The brand’s custom display typeface is structured similarly to the logomark, with soft, rounded forms that communicate a feeling of ease and comfort while referencing hand-painted, stenciled restaurant signage.

The palette includes colors derived from natural hues that are warm and energetic, and that complement images of food and community.

The logomark extends into a system of polygons that can be used to abstractly communicate the brand’s values. The polygons relate to each other according to the Voronoi principle, which calculates the cells that encompass a set of points on a plane. This Voronoi diagram describes the appearance of many natural structures and processes, including the cloves in garlic and the bubbles in a boiling sauce.

Photography by Butta Living.

The polygonal system extends to Butta Living's products and packaging to create a coherent, recognizable visual language.